Did your tattoos hurt?
Yes, yes they did. Now that that’s out of our way, let’s get back to you! We won’t use your therapeutic hour for you to find this out now.

How will I know if therapy is working?
I have a practice in place to check in with you at the beginning and end of every session through feedback informed treatment; let’s make this worth your time.

What can I come see you about?
It would be unfair of me to list diagnoses, disorders or other people’s problems when you are a complex human being that brings a multitude of factors to the room. If it’s important to you, bring it to session.

I don’t think my problems are that big compared to others. Should I still come see you?
See above.

I already see you, but wanted to pass your name to a friend of mine, is that okay?
Please do! Seriously, a referral is the highest compliment you can give me.