Specializing in adult individual & couple therapy, I utilize various interventions in my therapeutic style. Every session, expect that we will be measuring your progress *and seeing it on a graph to boot!*  ensuring your needs are being met and this investment is meeting your expectations. If it isn’t, we will talk about it FRANKly. Your voice matters & this FIT process ensures we are on the same page. Time to make a change.

Why are you still reading?

Sessions are deliberately tailored to your needs; whether it be EMDR, or using a combination of therapeutic interventions such as Narrative, CBTMindfulness, Psycho-educational and Motivational Interviewing.


In the spirit of today’s realities; your schedule, your lifestyle, your location, you may be interested in telephone counselling. This may not be appropriate for everyone or for your specific concerns; connect with me to enquire.

You can read more about me here to decide if we are a good fit for one another.